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The story of my space between aspirin and surgery!

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  • Third Generation Native New Yorker

  • Music/Art Lover

  • Acupuncturist

  • Ponderer

  • Hopeful World traveler

  • Chronic Middle Pather

Music & Arts were my refuge, my academics

And my first career

Annalisa joins corporate America and gets a life!

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In the meantime, acupuncture came into my life...

Getting to
know my body and self and how it related to the world around me

I Can Do That!

  • Put myself through school in the evenings and on weekends for a little over 4 years

  • It's double medical school!

  • Classes and residency

  • I wasn't the only one in my office!

What is TCM?

A system of identifying
and repairing patterns of
imbalance in the body


Mainly balancing
temperature & moisture


Increasing circulation of
blood and lymph


Maintain homeostasis via
the microbiome

Oil Massage

How I do it


Western Styles

Meet people
where they are


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