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Be the good statistic

How I can Support you during this time of COVID 19

What can you do to try to ensure you have a mild or asymptomatic interaction with the coronavirus?


The best anyone can do is get your immune system as strong as possible

and make your body INHOSPITABLE to the virus.

I know that the past few months have been scary and stressful.  As we start to think about emerging from our homes and interacting with the world, there is uncertainty as to how we proceed and what we can do.  As the SARS COV-2 coronavirus is completely new to our species, our immune systems are being presented with an unfamiliar invader to fight.  In a healthy person, there'll be a bit of a tussle and our immune system will prevail, leaving you none the wiser. However there are many factors that go into this and while TCM is not a system designed to kill a virus, what I can offer is a review of the signs that your body shows as to the strength of that immune system and interventions that will make your body inhospitable to the virus and other invaders. 

So, what can you do at home and what can we do at AB Acupuncture?  Firstly, if you have upper respiratory or strange digestive symptoms, a fever or even possible allergies I would ask that you call or email me, but don’t come in until we speak.  I can have herbs mailed to you (or via messenger within Manhattan) should you need them. Let me stress here that acupuncture and herbal medicine are powerful "immune boosters”  and when combined with proper self care (outlined below) is the best defense against getting sick or having the illness become severe.

Things we should all be doing to stay as healthy as possible:


  1. Get regular and consistent sleep (going to bed between 10pm and 11pm)

  2. Eat a nutrient rich balanced diet  - be strict about this during this time

    1. Severely cut back on sugar (including alcohol)

    2. Avoid fried and processed foods

    3. Cut back on dairy

    4. Incorporate WARM Spices into your cooking, these are typically red, brown or yellow

    5. Avoid cold foods such as salads. Cook warm nourishing foods. (Soups are the new smoothies!)

  3. Exercise and move and if this isn’t possible, make yourself sweat. If you need ideas on how to do so, contact me.  Our skin is a major component of our immune system and sweating rids our bodies of a lot of toxins.

  4. If you can (and please check with your doctor on this) take higher than normal doses of Vitamin D.  (I take 5,000IU with vitamin K for best absorption) and Vitamin C daily in addition to the above and my herbal preventatives.  (For high quality supplements, I recommend my Wellevate page. You can access my e-store here)


If you want to take herbal preventatives (as I do) Let’s talk so I can tailor one specifically to you – it’s not a one-formula-fits-all kind of medicine.


If you do want to call or email for a customized herbal preventative, please note that I will need the following:


  1. A well-lit photograph of your tongue

  2. Your current or most recent blood pressure reading

  3. Your heart rate.

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