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Pain Reprocessing Therapy

Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT) is a form of talk therapy which has evolved from the pioneering work of Dr. John Sarno and refined by, among others Dr. Howard Schubiner, MD and Alan Gordon, LCSW of the Pain Psychology Center in Los Angeles. This technique empowers patients to control pain signals coming from the brain and change their lives.

PRT: The basics


Step 1 is assessing where your pain is coming from and establishing whether there are legitimate structural causes. (hint: everyone has bulging discs, not everyone has pain)


Our brain has a highly evolved system of alarms, designed to protect us from danger. Symptoms like pain, anxiety, certain digestive issues, insomnia etc. are a few of those alarms, but they can be sounded in error, causing problems unnecessarily.


Such symptoms are referred to as neuroplastic - the capacity of neurons and neural networks in the brain to change their connections and behaviour in response to new information, sensory stimulation, development, damage, or dysfunction.

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