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Welcome to Autumn!

A reminder of Fall self-care tips and this Sunday at the 92nd Street Y StreetFest

As I said last month, I was sorry to see summer go, but the temperature is going down and I am wondering when I can put my favorite cozy sweater on. I am including a link to last year’s Fall post about tips for self-care during the seasonal transitions. The time between Summer and Fall, and then Winter to Spring are the stronger transitions and therefore the times when more people catch cold or have strong allergies. Take a look at what you can do to ameliorate these effects

This Sunday, Sept 30th I will be participating for the second time in the 92nd Street Y’s StreetFest. At my booth this year I will be offering muscle tests to assess stability in the shoulder or hip girdles. These are often at the root of pain in the upper or lower body. When injury happens, surrounding muscles react by ramping up or turning off in our effort to protect the site of injury. It is important to make sure all stabilizing muscles are firing properly to avoid over- or under-stress on the injured muscle or structures. If you would like a pain assessment to discover the root cause of your pain, come see me this Sunday!

I will be joined this year, by one of my partners, Chet Zeiger of QiBo Wellness. Chet is an experienced Qigong practitioner who has taught me many of the breath work techniques I have given to patients. Qigong is one of the 5 pillars of Chinese medicine and studies have shown that it affects systemic blood pressure, mental stress and chronic illness. The movements promote circulation, tonify connective tissue and internal organs, promote circulation of blood, lymph and synovial fluid.

Chet and I also work together on the FibroFatigue program – a unique Fibromyalgia program that can be done at your own pace, at home with herbal medicine that is mailed to you and with daily emails that include instructions for Qigong exercises and self care. The program includes the acupuncture appointments with me and personal support from Chet with the Qigong. He also consults on exercises for my Lyme Disease program.

I hope you are able to stop by my booth on Sunday. I will be located on Lexington between 85th and 86th Streets. Come say hi!