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Heal Your Entire Body



Acupuncture involves the placement of very fine, sterile, single-use needles in specific locations on the body.  These locations are places which allow for access to our nervous and endocrine systems



After a discussion about your health concerns, ailments, and goals, I will be able to analyze the basic patterns taking place in your body.  You will get comfortable on a treatment (massage) table and I will gently insert needles in locations that correspond to the pattern that she has identified.  You will then rest quietly, without any awareness of the needles for 15-25 minutes.

My acupuncture practice specializes in Migraines, Orthopedic pain (back, neck, shoulder, knee etc), TMJ, anxiety, stress relief, insomnia and more.


A lot of studies are being conducted to be able to explain acupuncture in the way we are used to, and several mechanisms of action have been identified:

  • Acupuncture stimulates the nerves going to the brain, causing the release of natural opioids (enkephalins, endorphins, dynorphins) in the body, shutting off pain signals AND decreasing inflammation.That dual role is important as it causes healing of the source of pain, rather than simply masking the pain itself and leaving the injury alone.

  • This stimulation of the brain also releases increased levels of serotonin which not only helps with pain, but also with depression, anxiety, addiction, OCD, sugar cravings among other things.The benefits from these alone have wide reaching effects.

  • Acupuncture also increases blood flow not only to the areas where needles are placed, but throughout the body as a result of the mechanisms described above.

  • White blood cells aggregate at the needle sites and are distributed via circulation throughout the body

  • Many acupuncture points and channels correspond with nerve pathways, and stimulation of those points and pathways are able to direct the therapeutic affects to the appropriate place.  It is also why a needle placed in one part of the body affects a different part of the body.

  • Does it have "side effects"? You betcha! Take a look

  • Annalisa may also use other modalities such as cupping, gua sha, tui na (a form of massage), moxibustion, nutrition, essential oils, herbal patents, teas and foot soaks to address particular health concerns.



Relax, Rest & Defy Age

In my office, Cosmetic Acupuncture is performed by Jane Bae, L.Ac  of Acupuncture By Bae

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