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Chronic Disease Support

Chronic conditions are on the rise, particularly after the pandemic. This space isn't for discussions on why, but to let you know that you have options for managing and in many cases significantly reducing the  severity of the symptoms that you have to live with every day.

Lyme Disease Support

Lyme can be difficult to diagnose.  The tests that exist don't often catch it and people don't often find a tick or a bulls eye rash to let them know to act quickly.  Further, sometimes a round of doxycycline (which should always be a minimum of 28 days) doesn't clear your system completely. Click the picture to learn more


Long COVID Support

Our approach to Long COVID has involved a combination of herbal formulas to break up biofilms which house viral particles as well as acupuncture to stimulate the nervous system and increase circulation of blood and fluid.  Our patients have found much relief at feeling like their old selves again.


Endocrine Disregulation & autoimmune conditions

Other chronic conditions we treat include thyroid disorders, POTS, Ehlers-Danlos, disautonomia and more.  East Asian medicine diagnoses patterns in the body and offers tools to help manage and ease the symptoms of chronic and autoimmune conditions so you don't have to feel like it is an aimless wander in the desert with nothing you can do.

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