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Introducing myself to a new practice and finding JOY through wellness

Greetings and Happy Independence Day!

Although, I trust you will all read this tomorrow when the celebrations are over. This holiday has fallen in my first full week of taking over the acupuncture practice on 86th street from Tova and Yael, and it has been great. I’ve met some wonderful people so far and there are a few more I am looking forward to meeting. For some, it has been a while since you’ve come for a treatment, perhaps since Yael was still here, and others, more recently. A lot of changes have happened, and while Tova told you a little about me, and my official bio is on my website, I thought I’d share a bit more with you.

Acupuncture came into my life 18 years ago because my dearest friends mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness. We all started seeing a practitioner, who was able to ease her symptoms and make the end of her life more comfortable, as well as ease the stresses and toll it was taking on the rest of the family and friends. I didn’t notice any dramatic changes (I was in my 20’s then – who does?!) and frankly was a little disappointed. I expected some sort of fireworks – or at least englightenment! I continued my treatments mostly to support my friend, but after 9-12 months, someone who hadn’t seen me in a while pointed out some things:

“Wow, you seem so centered and have this vitality about you”

The comment was surprising, but it got me thinking, and I realized that several things had changed over that year:

  • My sleeping patterns vastly improved

  • I had more energy

  • I started not only listening but also hearing my body and reacting accordingly

  • I turned off the ‘auto-pilot’ that was driving my life, made changes and started down a new path

Things had been happening all along, but subtly, and having been distracted with my friends troubles, I didn’t notice until someone else did. I learned what my body was capable of, I saw what a lack of balance produced. The changes were both physical and emotional. I got more than I dreamed I would. Who’s to say that wasn’t enlightenment?!

Since then, acupuncture has been at the root of my search for JOY in life. I discovered that it comes from honoring myself as I am, and always striving to be the best version of me that I can be.

I realized that I want to help others get there too, and doing so has brought me joy and purpose. I have treated countless pain conditions, as well as anxiety, stress, depression, endocrine imbalances, digestive issues and more. My patients have been able to ween off opioids for pain, and have needed fewer allergy medications, and have felt better about themselves. Through partnership and thoughtful support, they took control of their wellness.

I can help get you there – whatever the best you is.

Give me a call or drop me an email to hear a little more and let me know how I can help you.

Yours in health,


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