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Fall Greetings to you all!

The weather has finally turned! Last month I reminded everyone of all the self care tips for seasonal change time, but the sniffles and the colds are starting, so I would like to remind you all to check in so we can determine which herbal formula you need to keep on hand to stop a cold in it’s tracks. I have successfully warded one off twice now over the last month, both with my herbs, as well as using the CBD Relief Red on the back of my neck. The hot herbs in the formula (Cinnamon, Sichuan Peppercorn etc) enter into the spot on the back of the neck where cold pathogens enter the body. So by sending the heat in, I was able to sleep it off and avoid the cold coming on altogether.

Whether your typical cold involves more runny nose and sneezing, or sore throat and cough, sweating, not sweating, chills or normal temperatures, there is a formula that addresses those things and will either clear it out before it starts, or if it’s more advanced, will cycle those symptoms through faster, clearing it completely and resolving that lingering symptom at the end. Please note that cold/flu herbal consultations can also be done over the phone or Zoom (like skype). Contact me to schedule.

I have been building up my chronic pain/chronic fatigue specialty and narrowing my focus to Fibromyalgia and Lyme Disease Management. I know I told you all about my recent trips to Texas this year where I met with an outstanding group of practitioners. The program we developed is administered online and supports patients with herbs mailed to their homes and short daily emails with the breathing exercises and self care.

Click on the links which take you to my website and see the testimonials of people who have been going through the program these last few months. Bring tissues, the results are inspirational. The Lyme program is equally wonderful. The herbal remedies which clear out parasitic infections and related symptoms are helping so many. They work not only for Lyme (Borreliosis) but also, babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and others like it

In other news, I’ve been trying to step up my marketing game, and so many of you have generously written me testimonials. Some have even agreed to do video testimonials for me. Most excitingly, Drs. Unger and Weisenseel, in whose office I practice were happy to record some for me. I’m attaching one here, but you can see the other and read the rest here.