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New Year! New Decade!

Let’s celebrate!

Greetings and Happy New Year to you all! I know there is always a lot of pressure put on us to celebrate this holiday "the right way". I have a feeling that most if not all of you reading this know what I am talking about - what to do? stay in? go out? to resolve or not to resolve? Although I'm fairly certain that the only thing that is never uncertain: stay as far away from Times Square as possible!

For myself, I prefer the quieter evenings, we're having dinner with friends at their home and contributing some dishes and bringing the champagne. I like to mark the turning of a new year and think about all I've learned this past year. Tonight we're ending a decade - a whole decade into the 2000's - something which always sounded so futuristic (don't get my husband started on the lack of flying cars)

I've been reflecting on my time spent with so many of you and what we've accomplished together that I thought I would share some highlights:


Early in the year, I met the spectacular N who has more decades on all of us and who still loves to swim regularly, but her shoulder was stuck and stopped her from doing what she loved. She came for 3 months regularly and got her range of motion and function back.


Then there was M who had a second hip surgery to correct a problem with the first. He came to see me using two arm crutches the first week, and after the fourth he carried a cane just in case but didn't need it. After another four weeks he was back on the golf course! (note this took both the acupuncture treatments to restore muscle function followed by his hard work to then strengthen those muscles with PT)


T came to me with feelings of anxiety and poor sleep. We worked with his digestion and suddenly he was sleeping through the night and felt much more able to handle his work stress.

I can go on, but I do want you to go and have a great New Years Eve :)


I am also grateful for all the doctors, physiatrists and physical therapists who I have developed relationships with this year and who send me such wonderful people to work with. I am also grateful for the colleagues I have who are my collaborators on all my cases. You might not realize that you get the collective wisdom of some of the best acupuncturists in this country!

This year I have advanced my orthopedic knowledge and started advanced training in Stroke Rehabilitation/Neurology acupuncture. It has been a full year for me!


Lastly, I'd like to repeat my messages of New Years past: Don't get caught up in resolutions that are unattainable or that you think you're supposed to do. Resolve to be yourself and do your best. Take time to reflect on what is important and make choices that serve you, not some external ideal. Health comes from within - a sense of satisfaction. Take care of yourself so that you can take care of everything else too.

Wishing you all the best in 2020

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