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New online supplement resource

Hello friends. I will write a larger catch up note next week, but I wanted to quickly get in touch today to let you know that I've signed up with Wellevate in addition to my normal Designs for Health e-store for supplements.

Wellevate carries several brands of different kinds of supplements and I'm sending this today because they've finally gotten in more stocks of Vitamins D and C which have been quite hard to find lately. Plus, they have two main warehouses, one in Virginia and one in California, so shipping times are pretty quick.

You can click on the link below to get into Wellevate and create your own account.

I have gone through their inventory and chosen items that I think are relevant and from brands I know to be high quality.

That is labeled as my Dispensary. You can also choose to go outside of what I've chosen and look through their entire inventory yourselves if you prefer.

You can also contact me to discuss what might be a good choice and I can put together a protocol for you.

A 10% discount is also built into the whole store, and shipping is free with a $49 minimum purchase.

So, if you find yourself low on vitamins, not wanting to go to a store and wanting good quality, I offer this as a resource.

Click the link below to go to the store now. You will set up an account and also have the option of downloading an app for your phone for convenience.

For those who prefer Designs for Health exclusively, the below link will take you there

Stay Healthy!

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