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It's all about growth!

I discovered my newsletters/blog posts weren't getting posted here, so we're going to catch up a bit! Here's a post from November 2021

Hello everyone! Happy Fall! While I am certainly resentful of the early darkening, I can’t help but smile at the changing of the trees, the cozy sweaters and the cute boots that were gathering dust in the closet. Mostly these days, I’m smiling about the beautiful clinic space that has come together at W72 Wellness. I am truly grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to be a part of so many of your healing journeys. In my new space I have been able to expand to welcome in even more of you in a new three room schedule where appointments start every 20 minutes and as you are resting, I’m able to get the next person started. It has also made it a lot easier for you to find appointments, even at the last minute. It has also given me the opportunity to create a wellness center where a community of other practitioners and healers can offer their services in the same space. We had a great feature in that I’m proud to share with you here. I would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to the other practitioners who treat out of W72 Wellness in a little more detail.

Meet Jane First is my friend and colleague, Jane Bae of Acupuncture by Bae. Jane’s specialty is cosmetic facial acupuncture. Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture combines the wisdom of traditional Chinese acupuncture with specialized facial acupuncture technique to help you look and feel healthy and rejuvenated. It works internally to optimize your health which results in skin enhancement. This type of cosmetic acupuncture provides a safe, effective, natural alternative to cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture is both preventative and corrective, so you can begin at any age. Beginning these treatments in your late twenties or early thirties can help slow down the aging process by boosting your collagen and improving the health of your skin and body. If you are in your forties, fifties, or sixties, these treatments will soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in brighter skin and a more even complexion overall. It’s a series of treatments and its results are subtle, gradual and cumulative. There are no long post treatment downtimes making it very desirable for those who wish for a more natural look. Please note this is not a traditional esthetics facial and does not include steaming, extractions, etc. We will avoid facial areas treated with Botox within 3 weeks, or fillers within 3 months. These treatments also incorporate full body acupuncture because your face is a manifestation of your overall health and Jane will help you shine both inside and out. You’ll leave both relaxed and full of vitality.

Meet Sarah Also joining the W72 Wellness Space is Sarah Guffey, a massage therapist, reiki practitioner, yoga instructor, functional movement trainer, postpartum doula and all around ‘nurturer’. She excels at providing muscular relaxation, proper postural and movement assists and guarantees to melt stress away.

Local Products! I am also thrilled to be highlighting the products of a local neighborhood maker. Annabelle Santos makes a line of products from olive oil. Olive oil has a unique chemical composition making it optimal for soap and other product production. Annabelle’s cold-process formula ensures that the natural nutritional benefits of olive oil remain in the products and vitamins, antioxidants and polyphenols are delivered to the skin as additional nourishment for your body. And for my part, as someone who washes her hands upwards of 30 times a day when I’m treating patients, I just love how the soap cleans my hands and leaves them feeling soft afterwards. Some of you have already experienced the soap in the office. I’ve chosen some products I like which can be purchased in the office via Venmo (Amanda will have the info at the front desk) or you can get them from her website below. She also offers gift collections for the holidays.

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