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Holiday Post

Happy Holidays!

Celebrating the end of the year, new beginnings, many traditions

We have added a bit of winter holiday cheer to the office - twinkle lights to cut the darkness, pine to signify longevity and a bright hopeful future, holly berries for peace and good will and of course my favorite part: we added seasonal Chinese herbs that are warming and help us with digestion, which lets face it, we all need an extra boost of during the season of gift snack baskets and holiday parties!

These herbs are universal across cultures for a reason!

There is a reason why these herbs and spices are ubiquitously associated with cold weather, they warm us, they help us digest the heavier foods we tend to eat in the colder weather (and around the holidays). In Chinese culture, there are plenty of beverages made with digestive enhancing herbs that people just know to eat with heavy or greasy meals. Besides what you see here, other herbs such as nutmeg, ginger, cloves & garlic also warm us and help us digest.

Amazingly it is already the end of the year. Hard to believe. As a reminder, acupuncture is a great way to give your body a break from the stresses of the season. And while we are currently in the midst of a triple threat of respiratory viruses going around – RSV, the flu and COVID, this is another way to maximize your bodies potential to ward them off, or pick up some herbs to keep you healthy.


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